Various photos of our leather products.

Personalised stationery is essential for anyone trying to generate a professional image for their business. Here at Towcester leather, we take things step further. To really impress your clients, or make your staff feel like valued members of the team, we can now offer quantities of our business folders and other products with matching branding. For example, we can supply a batch of up to 30 of our personalized leather business folders, laser etched with your company name and logo, within 24 hours of final approval. Larger batches may take a little longer.

When one of your representatives visits another company, first impressions are critical. Our range of leather stationary organizers, including portfolios, ID wallets and note pad holders, are sure to impress, especially when bearing your company name and logo. Now you can equip all members of your team with branded stationary which is certain to have the desired impact. All our products made from high quality leather and to exacting standards, so they will reflect well on your representative and your organisation has a whole.

Or, if you are to host an important conference, why not impress delegates by presenting important documents and materials in our branded folders? If you want to have your message taken seriously, this is just the kind of touch which will command the attention of all present. Business folders with logo and lettering send all the right messages to potential partners. And you can order leather folders for your whole business for less than you might think.

In business, etching for leather products must be permanent; therefore we use laser etching rather than hot foiling, so you can be sure your personalized business folder will look just as professional in many years as it does now. Contact us today with your requirements.